How do I log into my account?

  1. Open your favourite web browser

  2. Go to "" or ""

  3. Go to the MEMBER LOGIN panel

    1. Enter your "email address" and "password"

    2. Click Logon

  4. When you have successfully logged into your account, your registered name will be shown on the page

How do I browse auction lots?

  1. Go to AUCTIONS & SALES and click View All Auctions & Sales

  2. You will then be directed to the Auctions page with all auctions available on Evans Clarke National

    NOTE: Auctions closing within the next 60 minutes have their remaining bidding time highlighted in  RED .

  3. Click on an "auction title" to go to the Auction Items page and see the items lotted in that auction

  4. In addition to the lotted items, important details about the auction will also be displayed on the Auction Items page, including

    1. The "Auction Location" where you can collect items you have won

    2. The "Inspection Date" and "Inspection Time" when you can personally check the items and determine if the condition of each item is suitable for the intended use

    3. The "Contact" person you can call for enquiries related to the auction

  5. Click an item to view more details

  6. On the Details page the following item information will be shown to you:

    1. The "Current Price"of the item

    2. The "Quantity" available

    3. The time remaining until bidding for the item ends

    4. The list of the current "Highest Bidders"

    5. The "Item Description" that also includes the condition of the item based on our initial inspection of the item

    6. The BID HERE panel where you can place a bid on an item

How do I bid?

  1. On the BID HERE panel

    1. Enter the "desired quantity" and the "amount of your bid"

      NOTE: The amount entered can be above the minimum amount and will then act as the maximum for the Auto-Bid system. The Auto-Bid system will seek to fulfil your "desired quantity" at the lowest possible price. When other bidders enter a higher bid than the current bid, the auto-bid system will automatically increase your bid by the smallest possible increment to keep you as the winning bidder, but only up to amount you entered as the bid amount. You can see the current bid and your maximum bid amount on the My Account – Bidding page

    2. Click Place Bid

    NOTE: "Minimum bid" is the minimum amount you can place on an item if part of its total quantity is still un-allocated, or when you have an existing bid having the same amount. On the above example, if the user enters $41.00 as bid amount, the bid will be deemed invalid because all 10 of the available quantity have been allocated to other bidders.

  2. Confirm your bid by clicking Accept Bid

    If you are asked to enter your "email address" and "password" when confirming your bid, even when you are already logged in, your cookies may not be enabled.

    How to Enable Cookies for Google Chrome?

    How to Enable Cookies for Internet Explorer?

  3. If successful, you will be informed that your bid has been accepted. The total quantity of items won compared with the quantity you desired and your maximum bid will also be shown on the page. And on the HIGHEST BIDDERS panel your bid will be displayed in bold text

    If your bid is unsuccessful, the message below will be shown. This may happen when another bidder has a maximum auto-bid amount higher than what you placed.

    Or if your bid is invalid, an error message in red text will be displayed.