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Transmission Test Plant & Equipment - Comprising - Engine Dynameter, Valve Body Characterization Center, Transmission Spin Dyno, Stroker Rig & Fire Protection System For Engine Dyno

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PSI Equipment Transmission Test Plant & Equipment Comprising -

Engine Dynameter - Purchased 2014

This Dynamometer Test Cell is used to simulate actual Engine, Transmission, Vehicle & Road characteristics. It is used for durability testing of transmissions, at prototype level as well as for platform specific durability testing.

It consists of:

a) Flexible test bed with solid mounting of engine (any customer engine) and transmission (FWD and RWD), using adjustable mounting points to accommodate customer specific rubber mounts. Shrapnel proof safety enclosure.
b) 2 Transfer gear boxes, that connect to the customer driveshaft's and transfer the torque  to and from the inertia "fly-wheel boxes and the retarders to the transmission under test.
c) 2 Fly wheel boxes with adjustable weights to simulate vehicle specific inertia by adjusting sizes of the fly-wheels (up to 2800 kg GWM)
d) 2 Eddie current retarders with 250 KW capacity each for applying break torque to the drive train under test.
e) Fuel supply system with 3000 litre fuel tank, safety valves and stainless steel piping, for uninterrupted fuel supply to the engine.
f) Water cooling system with pumps, piping and cooling tower to supply cooling water to retarders, engine and transmission coolers.
g) Exhaust system to safely transfer exhaust gases to the outside of the test cell.
h) Instrumentation consisting off Pressure transducers, Flow meters, Thermo couples  to monitor operating conditions of retarders, bearings, cooling systems, engine and transmission.
i) 2 actuators to operate automatically the transmission gear shifter and the engine accelerator pedal.
j) Control system, consisting of dyno control with programmable test script, PC control to monitor engine and transmission performance and data acquisition system to record shift traces, engine speed and torque, absorber speed and torque, and various temperatures.

Instruction Manual, Installation Manual, Dyno Operation & Maintenance Manual, Instrumentation Operation & Maintenance Manual

3D Models - Cell Layout, Machine GA, All Detail & Components.
2D Drawings - Detailed Drawings of all Components.

Valve Body Characterization Machine - Purchased 2015

This Valve Body test machine is used to develop all functions of the hydraulic control system (Valve Body) of an automatic transmission. It is also used to generate valve body specific characterisation data by accurately measuring solenoid current over pressure curves of each pressure port (line pressure and all clutch pressures), and to write this characterisation data onto the embedded micro chip on the valve body.

Specific development targets are:
- Response time optimisation by tuning of springs, valves and clearances.
- Lube distribution and apply/release pressure optimisation by tuning of orifices.
- shift profile and adaptive data limits setting by "minimum / maximum" production tolerance sample testing.
- Test limits and characterisation data limits development for production test machine software.

The machine consists of:
a) Test fixture with hydraulic ports to all valve body pressure ports (flexible for any type valve body)
b) Test oil supply with pump, ATF tank, heater system for constant test temperature and filtration system.
c) Test chamber with oil bath and "in car position" orientation of test piece, to simulate exact operating conditions.
d) Instrumentation, consisting off 12 highly accurate, responsive and repeatable "DRUCK" pressure transducers, flow meters and thermo couples to measure Valve body internal and surface temperatures.
e) Data acquisition system (National Instruments) with Data Forth cards, NI boards and real time measurements of all test parameters.
f) Control system with National Instruments test PC and Labview software and PSI test scripts.
g) I2C conversion module to read and write characterisation data to and from the Valve Body data module.

Instruction Manual & Machine Design DWG

Transmission Spin Dyno - Purchased 2015

This transmission spin dyno is used for transmission functional testing and development, such as drag torque optimisation in all gear states, lubrication development, cooler flow and pressure optimisation, shift profile and characteristics measurements, transmission benchmarking etc.

The machine consists off:

a) Machine bed with safety enclosure (electronically protected)
b) Tooling adaptor plate to accommodate solid mounting of transmission to test machine. Flexible tooling to enable testing of RWD and FWD transmissions.
c) Drive shaft with low friction bearings, flexible couplings and highly accurate torque transducer.
d) Drive motor variable speed drive from 0 to 6000 rpm with 75 KW
e) Instrumentation including temperature transducers, rpm counter, load cell, (test transmission can be fully instrumented with pressure transducers, flow meters and Ipetronic data acquisition system)
f) Control system is manual rpm control, manual solenoid selection board and PC control with Vector CanApe and Ipetronic interfaces

Includes: Instruction Manual & 2D Drawings - Machine Design GA & Detail Drawings

Stroker Rig - Purchased 2015

This hydraulic cycling rig can apply a single & cyclic rotational force to a test piece to determine UTS & fatigue life capabilities of transmission components. This machine is used for torsional fatigue testing and Ultimate Strength testing of gears, shafts, clutch cylinders, one way clutches etc.

The machine consists of:

a) Test bed with adjustable mounting faces for a large variety of test pieces.
b) Hydraulic cylinder and torque transfer arm to deliver torque
(0 -5000 NM) to the test piece
c) Hydraulic power pack with tank, pump and valving to supply hydraulic pressure (8,000 KPI) to the cylinder and to enable freely adjustable pressure build and release timing.
d) Instrumentation consisting of highly accurate torque transducer ( E.T.A. Lebow
0 - 5600 NM),
pressure switches, timer and cycle counter.
e) Control system Omron PLC with freely programmable outputs.

Includes: Instruction Manual, 1x Machine Designs DWG & 10 Detail DWG Drawings

Fire Protection System - Purchased 2014

Fire protection system installed in Engine Dyno test cell, to monitor 24/7 during test and ensure safe operation. The system consists off 2 flash detection cameras, compressed nitrogen tanks, valving and control system to rapidly substitute all oxygen with flame suppressant nitrogen in case of an explosion or fire.

The system is state of the art and reacts in a fraction of a second to protect test equipment and set up.


Includes: Instruction Manual. Flame Detection Camera Manuals & 1x System Layout Drawing


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