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Temple Bruer Eden Valley 2013 Riesling, Organic, Cleanskin (Picture For Display)- 12x750mL


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A pretty little number with a gorgeous golden yellow colour. This starts out nice and subtle in your mouth and then an intense citrus flavour follows in the mid palate. A lovely nutty finish to this sip and is lovely and dry. The smell takes you to a summer's day with ripe apricot and refreshing citrus burst.

Winery Experience
Good for you and the earth you're standing on.

It’s a simple premise but one that Temple Bruer Wines is all about.

It may be hard to believe, but we’re still one of the only Australian wineries to be both 100 percent organic and carbon neutral. Our wines have been preservative-free now for 10 years and like we mentioned earlier, our main brag is our focus on hitting the perfect balance between a top quality taste and taking care of Mother Earth.

So…carbon neutrality? How do we do it? Without getting too caught up in complicated science speak, we measure our carbon footprint at each step through keeping track of a wine’s lifecycle from the cradle to gate. We know exactly how much Co2 is being produced by each of our wines and the processes our team undertakes up until that wine is taken off our hands by those who love to drink it.

It’s naked (our tongue-in-cheek way of saying ‘we’re all natural’) all the way when it comes to management of our vineyards. You’ll find these happy soil patches in Langhorne Creek, Eden Valley and Loxton, playing host to fruit honoured by handling it as little as possible during the winemaking process.

The end note? Our dedication to sustainable practices isn’t only for the earth. The wines we make and love are bright, well-balanced and kind to your body.

We keep the nasties out.

Temple Bruer lives and dies by reverence for the grape, and reverence for the wine lover. Preservative-free means our wines meet the European Union standard for creating wine without the need for chemical preservatives.

Many wineries use a helper in the form of sulfur dioxide (So2), an agent that stops the wine from oxygenating - essentially slowing down the wine's ageing process. So2 naturally occurs in all wines but in very small amounts. It’s only when larger amounts are added to extend the life of the wine that we begin to see the effects of a preservative-ridden wine.

Thanks to our bottling technologies, we’ve been able to replace sulfur dioxide with attention to detail. We can ensure minimal oxygen interacts with the wine and create a product that is as fresh as possible, without unwelcome preservatives that can cause harm to your ‘temple’.

But the good stuff goes in.

We do sustainable. Because damned be the day we can no longer ask the earth for the grapes that give us the good drop. So Temple Bruer demands a standard that shores up our bright, clear agricultural future by saying no to the use of any synthetic chemicals throughout our grape-growing, and later wine-making processes.

We are proud to tell that this can be done and we are doing it, with yields comparable to the district average - particularly so at Langhorne Creek. Our nutrients hail in part from compost but also by growing cover crops of legumes (for nitrogen) and cereals (for organic matter). As we’ve mentioned, we then try our best to simply leave it to do its thing, to honour the process by keeping it simple and reducing cultivation as much as possible. To that end, the cover crop is rolled or slashed and thrown under vine.

At our winemaking team’s discretion, we mulch under the vine row and at other times, we cultivate. Fungal diseases are handled using Ecocarb (an organic alternative to fungicide) and vegetable oil and insect pests are food for predators. The native vegetation surrounding our vineyards provide habitats for many of them.

*all wines are made with the minimum use of preservatives or are stated as preservative free


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