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Underlay - 2mm Eepeflooring Underlay, Covers 20m², Sold Per Roll, Foam, Green (Roll Size 1150mm x 250mm)

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616 Torrens Road, Woodville North, South Australia, Australia
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Description:To install your laminate flooring, you’ll probably need the underlayment - the closed-cell plastic foam that is installed between the laminate flooring and the subfloor (wood substrate or concrete). Lamitec offers you the 2mm Green EPE with Green Film Underlayment, which is designed to be the moisture barrier to protect your laminate flooring. It is non-allergenic, made from 100% new materials, perfect mold and mildew antimicrobial inhibitor. And like all the lamitec products, it’s easy to install and affordable. 


  • non-allergenic
  • protect your flooring
  • 100% made from new materials
  • antimicrobial mold and mildew inhibitor
  • additional durability & extra wear resistance for your flooring


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