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Carpet Tiles - Latte, 500mmx 500mm, 20 Pcs, 5m², Code: 224. Sold Per Box.


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100% Polypropylene carpet with Eco friendly improved bitumen with non-slippery, non-woven, hard felt backing cushion

Product information

Tufted level loop pile carpet tiles

Craft type

Tufted carpet tiles

Yarn Material


Production method

100% BCF (Bulked Continuous Filament); Yarn solution dyed before making



Pile Weight

450-500GSM weight

Pile Height


Total Height



Flooring carpet tiles


Home, office, airport, bank, garage carpet tiles, etc

Size and package

50cm x 50cm carpet tiles, 20Pcs per carton, 5m2
Carton size: 50cm x 50cm x10cm, Weight: 14.5 kg


Glue or double sided adhesive tape for flooring tiles installation


GALAXY carpet tiles are a new brand of commercial grade, practical, heavy duty and hard-wearing floor covering solutions. GALAXY is installed quickly and easily, making it extremely user friendly and cost efficient.

These floor tiles are perfect for trade shows, basements, indoor patios, playrooms, and anywhere a cost effective, soft flooring option is desired. Suitable for home, commercial spaces, office, school, hotel, workshop, etc.

GALAXY tiles are resistant to stains, mold, mildew, moisture and fading. They can be quickly and easily replaced if it is required.
As we have no middleman and control our costs, you have an excellent opportunity to buy high quality carpet tiles at very affordable prices.
Our most popular colours for your choice of colour combinations are available.


GALAXY carpet tiles are a great inexpensive solution to floor covering needs, withstanding heavy foot traffic and lasting for years. UV Sunlight will not cause these carpet tiles to fade. They are also easy, fast to clean and if necessary replaced.
Our carpet tiles are created with superior quality polypropylene materials. GALAXY carpet tiles allow you to trim a carpet tile to fit any irregular shape; all you need is scissors or a utility knife.
GALAXY carpet tiles are a perfect solution for any premises. Easily create your own unique design and layout to enhance any decor settings. Each box covers 5 square meters and features a unique assortment of distinct designs that can be mixed and matched to your satisfaction. Express your originality through combination. These carpet tiles will not only protect your floors, but will give your floors a unique, vibrant and modern look.
GALAXY tiles are considered an environmentally friendly product, over 90% recyclable.

Package Includes:

1 x carton of 20pcs, 500mm x 500mm Carpet Tiles with floor coverage 5m2


*The colour images on your screen may have different shades due to differences in display resolution and lighting reflection.

*The carpet tiles need glue or double side tape to complete the installation. Please be aware that we do not provide these additional accessories.

Colour variations:

Use one of most popular colours, or create various combinations of your choice

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