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APC 42 RU Sever Rack. APC NetShelter Ar3350, Excellent Physical Condition IRP $5000

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9 Sheffield Street, Woodville North SA, Australia
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  • Wide enclosure with increased cable management options
  • Ideal for high density server and networking applications
  • 42U height to easily roll through doorways
  • Wide rack design provides space for passing cabling from front-to-back
  • An industry standard server rack ready for medium to high density environments with height designed to easily fit through standard doorways. Wide rack design provides space for passing cabling from front-to-back and ensures plenty of clearance at the back for rack accessories and limits interference with IT device hot swap components. Very ideal for blade, converged, and hyperconverged devices. Deeper rack design provides enough rack mounting space for even the deepest devices and still plenty of room for vertically mounting accessories.
  • Height 78.39 in (199.1 cm)
    Width 29.53 in (75 cm)
    Depth 47.24 in (120 cm)
    Net Weight 355.74 lb(US) (161.36 kg)
    Color Black
    Mounting preference No preference
    Mounting Mode Not rack-mountable
    Maximum Mounting Depth 41.26 in (104.8 cm)
    minimum mounting depth 10.31 in (26.19 cm)
    Rack Width 19"

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COLLECTION FROM: 616 Torrens Road, Woodville North SA

This auction includes an assorted range of mainly ex- government and corporate equipment. This is our latest model equipment we refer to as category 1, please note that all items are not tested unless specified, they are sold "as is where is" with all faults, if any.

Please take this into consideration prior to bidding as bids will not be retracted.

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: The item has been placed in a sale as delivered to us by a Vendor, is has not been checked or tested, and it May or May Not Work, it may well be complete and work ok but it could also be unserviceable and/or missing parts.

"APPEARS TO FUNCTION": Power has been applied to the item, and it appears that the unit could basically function at the time when this was done, however the item has not been technically or functionally assessed as serviceable, or as capable of being fit or reinstated into normal use. It does not indicate that the lot is working fully or completely or free of faults, and it could be missing components. It does not necessarily follow that this item will show the same function in the future when next powered on. The "appears to function" description is intended to assist the buyer in knowing that the item could potentially work or made to work, but is not a guarantee that it will work or is capable of being reinstated to fully functional condition. A typical example is a computer where the hard disk has been removed by the Vendor for security purposes. When switched on, the unit generally appears to work, but as the hard disk is missing, there is no further information available to indicate if the computer is otherwise ok.

"SALVAGE": Untested complete and incomplete equipment which could require repairs or otherwise only suited for parts/ scrap. That is, these lots are most likely to be newer equipment that is "Dead or dying", missing parts, or not so new equipment that is being sold in bulk and "as-is" even though some of it could be serviceable.

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