Agilent Metals Analysis Machine, Aglient Technologies 7500 Series ICP-MS

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616 Torrens Road, Woodville North SA, Australia
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  • Agilent metals analysis machine
  • Aglient Technologies 7500 Series ICP-MS
  • with various manuals and software as shown in photograph 3
  • with small boxes of spare parts as shown in photo 2
  • Also with another different box listing parts as:
    • Quantity 16 NI Skimmer Cones - G1820-65239
    • Quantity 2 Argon humidifier for HMI - G3270-80029
    • Quantity of 4 Triple Filter Cartridge - 5182-9705
    • Quantity of 1 Water tube Kit for G31XXB, G327xA - G3270-65066
    • Quantity of 1 work coil cooling line tubing kit - G1833-60765
    • Quantity of 1 Strainer for Cooling Water - G1833- 66024
    • Quantity of 2 Socket Pipe Fitting (water line) - 5022-3920
    • Quantity of 2 Coupling, Male, ¼ - 0100-1787
    • Quantity of 1 Skimmer Base, Brass, STD for 7500CS G1833-65590
    • Quantity of 1 power input switch assembly, 2 pcs G3286-80206
    • Quantity of 1 Babington Nebulizer Kit - G1820-65356
    • Quantity of 1 RF-Return Strip G1833 -65473
    • Quantity of 2 spray chamber (quartz) for babington Nebulizer - G1820-65337
    • Quantity of 1 Shield Bar, Contact bar W/HOLD G1833-66066
    • Quantity of 1 Detector Board G1833-65348
  • not tested

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A fantastic selection of Ex-Government and Corporate equipment.

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Item Code 100727+1
Safety Advice WHS hazard assessment may be required before being placed into use.
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